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Aline's 'now' photo


Aline's 'then' photo

Aline Toupi (born 1992) is a former ZOOMer from the 4th and 5th seasons of the 1999 revived version of the PBS show "ZOOM".

Outfits she wore on ZOOMEdit

Season 4Edit

Aline wore a short sleeved orange shirt with blue overalls.

Season 5Edit

Aline wore a short sleeved pink shirt.


  • Aline appeared on a special ZOOM episode titled "ZOOM: America's Kids Remember".
    • Of the ZOOMers that showed up on the special, Aline didn't know Alisa, Eric and Buzz. Both Eric and Buzz were around for the show's 3rd season and Alisa was around for the 1st 2 seasons. She took the time to the meet the 3 as they posed together for a group photo in the ZOOM: America's Kids Remembers" special.


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