Eric Rollins (born March 5, 1987) is a former Zoomster from Season 3 of the 1999 revived version of the PBS show "ZOOM".


  • Eric wore a long sleeved orange shirt with a horizontal navy blue stripe for the show's 3rd season.
  • Eric came back to the show for a special ZOOM episode titled "ZOOM: America's Kids Remember" even though he left after appearing for only the show's 3rd season.
    • Just like with Kevin "Buzz" Barrette, he never met Aline and Alisa. But he did so on the special episode.
  • Eric never met Pablo Velez Jr. on the set of ZOOM because he left the show after the show's 1st season. But the 2 of them reunited alongside Frances Domond and Kenny Yates in ZOOM reunion PSA video.




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