Noreen Shabbir Raja (born September 3, 1991) is a former ZOOMer from the show's series finale of the revived version of ZOOM.

Guest Appearances on other ShowsEdit

  • Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide - Guide to Daydream and Gym
  • Baby Einstein - Baby Van Gogh


  • When Noreen was on the show's final season of it's revival run, she wore a striped green t-shirt. In the show's intro, she seen wore a striped blue t-shirt.
  • Noreen was the only REAL ZOOMer to sing the Alphabet on ZOOMy Shakespeare.
  • Growing up at home, Noreen had three sisters is with Shella Raja, Anissa Raja, and Lilah Raja.
  • Noreen and her mom is with Dani Raja.
  • Noreen and her dad is with Khalid Raja.
  • Noreen and Khalid had the same middle name is Shabbir.
  • Noreen was done on ZOOM show's series finale and she reunited with her family.