Zoe Isabelle Costello (born on January 31, 1987, in Andover, Massachusetts) was a cast member on the 1st and 2nd seasons of "ZOOM".


She now lives a quiet life in New York.

Outfits she wore on ZOOMEdit

Season 1Edit

Zoe wore a plaid shirt over a purple top. She wore a Black Shirt over a White top during the "Language Nursery" Credits.

Season 2Edit

Zoe wore a short sleeved pink shirt and blue overalls with pink flowers embroidered.


  • In the introduction of the revived version of ZOOM, she was the first ZOOMer to introduce herself.
  • Zoe was the First ZOOMer to appear on Screen. She appeared in the Credits of Language Nursery
  • Zoe appeared in the 1st 2 seasons of the revived version of the show.
  • Zoe was allergic to latex when she was younger. She couldn't participate in any games on ZOOM that involved latex.
  • One time, Zoe wore a red sweater jacket while playing Rhyme Time, a ZOOM game from season 2.
  • During her time on ZOOM Zoe had to take her glasses off during a sleepover skit with Caroline and when she had to dip her head into the water in the ZOOM game "Bobbing For Apples".
  • Zoe, Caroline, Lynese, Aline, Kaleigh, Shing Ying, Cara and Keiko are the only original cast members who wore overalls on ZOOM.
  • Zoe attended NYU with her former co-star Alisa Besher. She now works as a producer.
  • Zoe is from an Irish/Italian family.
  • Zoe wears contacts now. She often wears her glasses. Zoe isn't the only cast member from ZOOM who wears glasses. There was Mike Hansen and Maya Morales.




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